I have been using a Cleveland Launcher the last few years and have been doing okay with it but have been getting too little distance with it and I tend to slice it far too often. Not sure whether the warranty covers poor quality. Helpline The club was in better condition than described and performed exactly as claimed by the supporting info and reviews. Like the commerical for the wood stain – Golfbidder does everything it says on the tin.

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There may be one or two minor wear marks on graphite shafts where they have rubbed against the bag. I picked up the r7 Draw, hit it well from the start, and my confidence off the tee has improved ten-fold. I looked into R7 Draw and took a chance.

Share this with your golf buddies: I had a joint trial with a few other drivers, but the R7 Draw just hits so well. Excellent Clubs, very forgiving and even wedges are pretty good, even if I only use the PW.

Taylor Made Shaft Material: The club has never hit a golf ball. Trouble is we all get sucked in by manufacturers promising their year on year new drivers are an improvement on the last model. With the r7 draw, after a r7vraw swings, I was hitting the ball either dead straight or with a slight draw.


It was the straightest driver I tested. The only issue we could see is whether someone will admit to being a slicer by buying one! Feature draw-weighted technology to encourage faster club rotation through impact to promote a draw.

I can give you more feedback after I go to the driving range later this week.

Taylor Made R7 Draw Driver | eBay

There may be light sky marks and small scratches resulting from normal wear and tear. On virtually every Par 4 and 5, I was either the longest drive or second longest drive, and most shots in the fairway. Since my purchase from Golfbidder, the ball does what it is told. I had a pretty bad fade and hit it really low but now with a 9 degree E7draw I hit it much higher and at least 25 to 30 yards further with a very slight fade.

Hit far and straight and are capable of holding greens as well! In comparison, my Titleist T has a Grafalloy Blue shaft that weighs 63 grams and the TaylorMade r7 features shafts ranging anywhere from grams. Am getting used to aiming for the middle of the fairway instead of the left edge. Also an extra 15 yds or so longer than my last driver R ti. Photo of the club on web site was accurate and you get a guaranteed genuine club at a fair price – why buy elsewhere?


Used r7eraw 3 wood all last seaon.

Taylor Made R7 Draw Irons with Ladies Graphite ReAX 45 shaft

You won’t regret it. Hits like a dream I love it.

Only one drive sliced all day. Great review… I used the r7 draw at a demo day down here in sydney aus… Although i was not a chronic slicer i had my days when i could not keep the ball on the fairway.

Very forgiving club even if you don’t catch it right on every hit, which as a novice, i tend to do frequently.

Taylor Made r7 Draw Driver Reviews

Can’t praise this club enough, recommended to anyone. So if either of these are your natural shots then this is the club for you. mace

Ball hits were centered on the head and has a great feel through the hit. This club is amazing! If you have a query regarding this item, please login you need to be a registered usercomplete the box below and click “submit”. From what I have been told and read, this mad should help those who tend to fade or slice the ball.

Deal of the century.