L84′ D4 Asiatic Society of Bengal. Tables, formulae and memo- randa for automobile engineering. Chronological tables containing cor- responding dates of the Christian, Hindu, Mahomedan and Parsi eras from A. N33 Current metallurgical abstracts. N07 mensuel illustre, revue encyclopedique univer- selle. N3 G5 Cavanaugh E. Atlas of emission spectra of most of the elements, Pp.

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N2 F2 Institute of International Education. Etymological dictionary of chemistry and mineralogy. Ensayo hiblio- prinher mexicana del siglo xvii. Definitions and formulas for students — applied mechanics. N26 Building Research Boakd. Library Associa- tion, 53mL9 Crane R.

Norwegian n5F4 Pettersen Hjalmar Marius. L57 A British Museum. Ame- rican mechanists’ hand book and dictionary of shop terms. Number, weight and fractional calculator. P Technological Terms F: L57 C3; E3 British Museum.

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Swedish A Collin E. Dictionnaire critique de biographie et d’ histoire. Bibliotheca tabularum mathe- maticarum: J5 E3 Duff Edward Gordon etc.


Data relating to railway prunter and super elevations. Tresor de livres rares et precieux. Svenskt biografiskt hand- lexikon.

Bibliotheca biblio- graphica italica. Tables de la lune. Guide to bibliographies of theses. Cairo, Aa98 Theses Aa98w N16 Society of Chemical Industry. Atlas de spectres d’ arc.

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Special collections in libraries in the United States. Standard tables and formulae for setting out road spirals. JoM Warren printrr, ,: Tables for setting out curves,metres radius.

The decade and year are represented by adding after the letter representing the century the natural Arabic digits representing them e. E2 Physical Chemistry E2e D2. Bibliotheca Bacchica, biblio- graphic raisonnee de ouvrages impremes avant D Ship Building Dam3: A bibliography of the Anglo- Egyptian Sudan from the earliest times to Logarith- mic trigonometric tables.