TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Selecting Print Media Has either an extremely slick surface or an extremely textured surface Has an exposed adhesive surface Has paper pieces glued or taped to the media Has staples or paper clips attached Is categorized as thermal paper, coated paper, or carbon paper Click on the Advanced button. Close the front tray and remove any printed sheets from the paper output tray. Goods without fail, turn up the next day, which is exactly what is required and ordering process could not be simpler. Squeeze the length guide, lift it up, and slide it to the rear of the tray.

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Push the paper tray completely into the printer, making sure the tray is properly seated. Click on the Copy Count button to enter the number of copies and make sure the Collate button is checked. If the feeder is still inoperative after reinstallation, remove it from the printer so you can run tests on the printer alone.


Page TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Maintaining the Sheet Feeder Press the locks on the left and right of the retard roll inside the paper tray, and lift the lever to open the retard roll cover. Correcting Miscellaneous Offset Catch Tray Problems Some offset catch tray problems may not cause an error message and may not interfere with the operation of the printer. TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Testing the Envelope Feeder Remove the gear cover on the left side of the inside of the printer and store it in a safe place.

Squeeze the latch on the top left of the rear cover to release the cover, then open the rear cover by pulling down on the top of the cover. For each of these destination email addresses you can configure which status conditions will cause an email to be sent. The duplexer feeds paper without a problem.


Lift up the paper guide and open the offset tray. TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Replacing Printer Components Replacing Printer Components Replacing the Toner Cartridge The toner cartridge contains the dry ink as well as the xerographic drum and associated compo- nents that create the xerographic image on a sheet of paper.

Also describes how to use the extended features associated with these options.

TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL260 User Manual

Electrical noise may be transmitted through the AC line. Do not touch the surface of the BTR with your fingers. Press the NEXT button to move through the submenus: The toner ijtelliprint will eventually run out of ink through normal use.

Installing Two Paper Feeders TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Installing the Sheet Paper Feeders Insert the feeder paper tray and the main paper tray all the way into the paper feeder, making sure each is properly seated inside the printer. Genuine Original Tally Product.

Use the following procedure to enter the Job Accounting Menu to change the settings or access the inttelliprint tions: Make sure the tabs are toward the right side of the printer. Verify that the plate has dropped down into the intlliprint of the paper tray.

Press the button on the top of the printer to open the front cover, and pull the cover all the way open. Control panel Provides access to all controls required to Paper exit slot operate the printer.

TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL260 Adobe PS, A4

Turn the printer on by pressing [ I ] on the power switch on the left front of the printer. Safety Precautions This m,260 is available in either of the following power specifications: If you are using the paper tray in its extended position, remove the paper tray from the printer. Print Media Weight, Type, And Size TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Loading Print Media Store reams of paper in an area away from both direct sunlight and high humidity Open sealed reams only when you are ready to load the paper into the paper tray, and always close and seal partial reams of paper.


Space Requirements TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Printer Location Requirements Space Intelliorint A certain amount of space is required for proper operation intwlliprint the printer and also for performing printer maintenance and replacing consumables.

Never attempt to lift the printer alone. Press the tabs on the rear of the offset catch tray to release it and lift it off of the printer. Click on the Advanced button. Solving Envelope Feeder Problems When there is a problem with the envelope feeder, the printer control panel displays an error code and error message. Disconnect the power cord from the AC outlet and from the printer. Prices are unbeatable, very helpful and polite customer service and delivery is super quick!

Do not dispose of the old toner cartridge in an incinerator intdlliprint in an intellipriint fire.

Pull the metal stopper plate down.