DCB is a configuration Quality of Service implementation in hardware. Sign up using Facebook. When receive is enabled, the transmit unit will halt for the time delay specified when a pause frame is received. Use ethtool to change the flow control settings. To add a new filter use the following command: Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Determine if your system uses predictable network interface names by default.

Flow Control auto-negotiation is part of link auto-negotiation. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Connect to your instance again and verify that the ixgbevf module is installed and at the minimum recommended version using the modinfo ixgbevf command from Testing Whether Enhanced Networking is Enabled.

How to upgrade Intel 10G NIC firmware under Linux – Server Fault

The second command will fail with an error. Sign up using Facebook. You may program multiple filters with the linuc fields, using different values, but, on one device, you may not program two TCP4 filters with different matching fields. The src-ip value that is written to the filter will be 0.

Downloads for Intel® 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

When DCB is enabled, network traffic is transmitted and received through multiple traffic classes packet buffers in the NIC. Use ethtool to change the flow control settings. Off Laser rx power low warning: Try installing the version of the ixgbevf module included with the distribution of Linux for your instance.


Customers must use their own discretion and diligence to purchase optic modules and cables from any third party of their choice. Valmik Roy 6 2.

Hardware Packet Filtering – ntop

Note that these filters will not break internal routing rules, and will not route traffic that otherwise would not have been sent to the specified Virtual Function. Depending on your system configuration, number of slots, etc. Off Laser bias intfl low alarm: Setting this attribute without the proper module or module version can also make your instance unreachable.

Intel is not endorsing or promoting products made by any third party and the third party reference is provided only to share information regarding certain optic modules and cables with the above specifications. If you imtel the ixgbevf module for your current kernel and then upgrade your kernel without rebuilding the driver for the new kernel, your system might revert to the distribution-specific ixgbevf module at the next reboot, which could make your system unreachable if the distribution-specific version is incompatible with enhanced networking.

There are small tweaks possible but these are not widely deployed and usually provided for VERY specific needs like platform integration. In this case, the ixgbevf module is loaded. It also enables priority flow control If you 8259e9s your instance using an older Amazon Linux AMI and it does not have enhanced networking enabled already, use the following procedure to enable enhanced networking.


Versions of ixgbevf earlier than 2. If auto-negotiation is enabled, this command changes the parameters used for auto-negotiation with the link partner.

When a single traffic class is configured in the hardware, the pools contain multiple queue pairs from the single traffic class. Therefore, you can use this AMI to launch another instance with enhanced networking enabled by default.

Off Module temperature high warning: The following procedure provides the general steps for compiling the ixgbevf module on an Ubuntu instance.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. There is a Linux server with several Intel ES cards: All needed filters must be re-added when ntuple is re-enabled.

Sign up using Email and Password. This file contains the MAC address for the Ethernet adapter of the original instance. In the above Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 example, the systemd version isso predictable network interface names must be disabled.

The driver supports the in-kernel software implementation of GRO.