The GPT disks and partitions in computer will be detected by this software, and shown in the interface of software. Key Features Resize Partition Extend system partition by shrinking another one without losing data. Click to view larger image Step3: MBR disk is another kind of hard disk. The diskpart clean command can help you remove GPT protective partition. Then you can set a location to save recovered data.

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Using the site is easy and fun. There are links in this document that will permit you to connect to parition web sites over which Seagate has no control. Whereas, GPT protective partition differs from average partitions, as it cannot be deleted or reformatted in Disk Management. To protecgive the operation, click Apply. I googled GPT Protective Partition and only results pertaining to corrupted hard drives showed which is obviously not the case because the drive works everywhere else on all other computers!

Use disk quotas to manage storage growth in distributed environments. Access GPT protective partition via partition manager If partitions on your hard drive turn to GPT protective partition and you are using the disk on a bit operating system such as Windows XP, you are still able to access data on these partitions with the help of partition protetcive software.

In this situation, you need to retrieve data from inaccessible partition with data recovery software. But this does not always work. To change disk partition systle from GPT to MBR, you can choose one betwwen the two methods that will be presented in the following context.


Partitions are seen by the system firmware and the installed operating systems. Find disk number of the GPT protective partition and remember it.

Access GPT protective protectivd via partition manager Method 2: In daily life, the GPT protective partition is an issue partiton prevents users from accessing data on the drive or managing the partition. Due to MBR can only support up to 2TB partition size, if one day you have a disk which is larger than 2TB, how can you take full use of the disk space? This allows MBR-based operating systems to recognize GPT protective partitions in order to prevent them from being paetition, deleted, or modified.

Remove GPT Protective Partition (Fixed with 3 Ways)

GPT protective partition is not assigned a unique drive letter, which is different from common partitions. Europe, Middle East, Africa.

Once it is launched, you can view all proyective and partitions on your computer. Click to view larger image Why does this phenomenon show up? A partition is a contiguous space of storage on a physical or logical disk that functions as though it were a physically separate disk.

Remove GPT protective partition using DiskPart When you find your hard drive or external hard drive which was previously partitioned with GPT partitions cannot be accessed on bit system and it cannot be managed by Disk Management, you can try DiskPart command lines to remove partitions. Mail this article Print this article.


Moreover, it can neither be deleted nor formatted. However, you will lose your data forever. Firstly, we must clarify some definitions. You can find solutions in px article to access GPT Protective Partition and fix the issue without data loss with the help of DiskGenius.

You just need to follow the instructions and move your finger. How to remove GPT protective partition?

Troubleshooting GPT Protective Partition Issues | Seagate Support

Got Something To Say: Once the disk is converted to MBR disk, it’ll be displayed in Windows Explorer or opened as normal drives. Also, GPT-protective partitions can be found in personal computers in order to remove restrictions placed on partition protectiev. If you right-click on the partition, options like open, format, extend volume, delete volume, change drive letter, etc.

Since Windows couldn’t read or support a GPT Protective Partition, how do you get rid of such a partition style and use the drive properly? If the partition is damaged so badly and data cannot be retrieved in this way, then move to step 2.

It is recommended to use DiskGenius to do partition recovery.