So for 3 or the first one since you listed it twice instead of 3 and 4 , have you figured this out yet? Because of this you should be able to connect this to PGM1 Yes the tamper lead goes to a zone programmed as type 21 or So if your 2nd siren won’t prove to be a problem. I have 9 wireless zones and 1 wired set up. Intrepid Hero Member Posts: I have a feeling you will not get much help on this in this forum. Find all posts by dripster.

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Gushing water in heating pipes. December 05, Also the if the zone attributes are set for silent alarm, then you will not hear anything!

I guess this should be attached to a zone connection, but how would that work as I guess this goes to 0V when a tamper is detected at the bell box? I know I’ll rsc a siren driver module.

Did you miss your activation email? OK lets sort the chime out first! I’d have to kill myself it’s an honor thingif I was wrong about anything.


DSC Additional siren

The bell output is limited to mA continuous and up to 2 amps for a short term with a battery connected. Some kindly DSC person will be along soon Now only left is calling cell phone when the zone are opens Many panels supply a 12V DC output on alarm from the bell terminals for “sirens” which is a speaker with a built-in amplifier.

Can i know what kind of settings i need to check on the panel? I have a feeling you will not get much help on this in this forum. Siren is not working when the system is armed and instant zone is opened. I tried with all 1 to 6 zones.

What you have is actually correct. Newsletter Sign-Up Signup Email address.

Natural flowing Artesian well – run off piping clogged. Same thing with the strobe. The xiren draw of a “siren” is not calculated by ohms law as it just doesn’ apply to these items.

Posted In Walls and Ceilings. The Elk45 “millimiser” pulls ma at full power,and about ma at reduced power, with less volume. Probably not though based on our daily use of the DSC panels.


I am using the below kit You are better asking these questions on one of the dedicated DIY alarm forums, and tackle each problem one by one. Please login or register. This will help you decide if you need an extra power supply to power the sirens in alarm.

Connecting an external siren to a DSC 1832

I would start by trying the system test, which should test the siren. Can some one help me on programming to call cell phone from DSC ? I even tested the siren connecting to battery. So if your 2nd siren won’t prove to be a problem.

Connecting an external siren to a DSC – Community Forums

I see why you might want to use a driver and speaker. December 06, Home Help Search Login 183. Check out our YouTube training videos.