For example, if starring time is 02 hour, then it its fixed from 02 hour to 03 hour, and closing time is fixed from 03 to System setting for using 2Way Audio function………………… Pan function will stop when you click any button out of left, right, up, or down.. Do not put any heavy objects on top of the product. A user enters a installation site and a name of a site. Motion Detection Record This function records only when it captures any movement. Therefore, you can easily view images using normal image software products.

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Time display format by country can be set up in [Setup]. It will then give the output to a monitor.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V4.100) User Guide

When the dome camera is installed from flipped position, it will work in reverse. Audio play is supported only for forward search. This button plays the current dibinet. Rotation time should be set.

Keep product away from a electric shock or magnetic substance. Please contact the distributor after checking out any defect in the product. You need to reboot the system when the PPP setup is done.

E-map can be setup to a maximum number of division. WebDVR Manual 2 1. If you need to set minutes too, double click on corresponding time and you will see a picture that looks just like below. Sitw example, when using Audio program while trying for 2Way Audio connection, 2Way Audio cannot operate normally if its sound card cannot support the function.


Also, selected media can be deleted. Regardless of file name and size of the image which will change, you may select BMP form of every image, and the existing E-Map image will be deleted when E-Map image changes.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V) User Guide – ppt download

Drive selection window will appear. Unauthorised copying, adaptation, rental, lending, distribution, extraction, charging. If you do not input description, identical information with [Time information] will automatically inputted. When recorded image diiginet modified from DigiNet program, WaterMark authentication and WaterMark check will tell you whether the image was modified or not.

Refer to Page Keep up to date with the latest news stories in the Technology world. Auth with social network: Please get this sheet filled when you purchase the product. Rotation time should be set. sit

You can type upto14 characters. If the backup data is working currently and not all the data have finished its backup, then all the data need to complete its backup before currently chosen backup to start. Therefore, we recommend you to upgrade after copying the whole media on hard disk or diskette that can hold large volume. Sound card must be installed properly to use voice recording function. Maintenance 24x7x global assistance, where you need it, when you need it.


Do not put any heavy objects on top of the product. Move to last month.

KODICOM DigiNet Center(v) User Guide DigiNet. – ppt download

Soundcard mixer is installed in each system. According to types of compression codecs, number of selected ddiginet and set backup time, AVI backup time may differ significantly.

Proper VGA card will be selected from the manufacturer. Do you have a proven track record of sales in the IT industry and have a djginet portfolio? If the printer is not installed, following error message appears.

Selecting [Indication for record amount renewal] button will renew the graph for recorded data.