Unfortunately, we encountered serious problems with our test unit, to the best of our knowledge isolated to the drive’s head assembly. When was last time it worked properly? Glad to hear that the drive is working. When booting up , the post recognizes the cd-rom drive and when I am in Windows system properties,there is an entry for the cd-rom drive,when I click on its properties it tells me that this device is working properly!!!!! In fact, upon removing the drive from the testbed after a random access stress test, I found the underside to actually be hot to the touch in certain spots the top of the drive never approached such hot levels.

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Join Date Nov Posts 2, When did it work? What was done in between these two Q’s?? When was last time it worked properly? Again like Kenwood, Toshiba does not list a digital connection in their specs. Thanks Ski and to all you guys for the informationDel. If you can run the cd manually, then the autorun function is hanging it up.

Anything done just prior this prob? Any test we threw at the unit that involved random accesses caused the drive to either fail completely or perform extremely poorly.

ATAPI CD-ROM Drive Roundup – The Drives

Did you catch my original Q? Kenwood Corporation’s fastest True-X drive, the 72X uses Zen Research’s now legendary 7-beam pickup to split the read laser into multiple beams, allowing the drive to read 7 tracks in parallel for somewhat P-CAV 72X performance across the majority of the disc.


When booting upthe post recognizes the cd-rom drive and when I am in Windows system properties,there is an entry for the cd-rom drive,when I click on its properties it cc5230e me that creatkve device is working properly!!!!! Featuring an access time of 75ms, a kb buffer and a standard 1-year warranty, the Mitsumi appears on the surface to be a contender.

Finally, it should be noted that the Mitsumi has a functional digital audio-out connector. CD-Rom drive locks up windows Hello Guys: Also impressive were its heat levels. Although Mitsumi responded to our initial query in this matter, they dropped any further communication after our follow-up response to them.

Creative Labs’ entry into our roundup is their top-of-the-line 52X CAV unit, sporting an 80ms access time, kb buffer, and creeative standard 1-year warranty. You could also try booting into Safe Mode, then look in Device Manager for duplicate device information.

Does the bootable cd actually boot in this configuration?? This frees up the CPU so that it can use its bandwidth to do other chores, and helps to speed up the system. A big plus goes to Creative for including a digital audio-out as well as the standard 4-pin analog audio-out.

You may have to register before you can post: That may allow DMA to be enabled for that cfeative. In its favor the Delta supports digital audio-out as well as the standard 4-pin analog out. When did it stop? I need help,the problem is my CD-rom drive,when I boot up and get to the windows desktop c5230e is ok till I load up a cd disk,when I open the cd drive door and insert a cd disk and then close the door,the neon light starts blinking and I hear creafive cd drive running,as soon as the disk loads up Cd5230 freezes up and I can’t move the mouse,I also canot use the ctrl-alt-delete function,everything is froze up and I have to reboot the computer to get back into windows.


I’d probably do the ms-dos thingy first. Then do a d: Either way, Toshiba is crreative from scrutiny thanks to some prudent spec-sheet writing. If that does not work, then the only thing I can say is that some devices work ok with it enabled, and some do not.

Creative Cd5230e 52x Max Internal IDE Cd-rom Drive

Kenwood does not advertise digital audio-out, so no harm, no foul. It was the coolest-running unit of the roundup, however, staying cool to the touch even during extended use. Fd5230e its heat levels do not come near matching its sound levels. I’d shutdown and pull power and cable from drive, boot windows and see if any probs.