I have bought it, so here’s the review. Alternatively, you can just use double-sided tape to hold the keyboard down. Fabulous running machine in Win7, very impressed. It is a convenient way to secure files or sign into the numerous websites you visit. The headphone jack is not quite crystal clear.

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I had no issues getting playable framerates. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

So I hope jorik uploaded drivers from Vista will work. Compal HEL80 view large image. The instruction manual included is on a CD, but it’s not particularly useful there’s no assembly guide, only a disassembly guide. Conclusion The HEL80 is one of the best built notebooks currently on the market, and is an ideal, mid-range system for gamers aireless power users with a need for portability.

Compal LS-3166P HEL80 EL81 Wireless External Antenna Board | RM NB4150

Even though the video card is underclocked in comparison to other notebooks, performance is still high enough to post comfortable framerates in the latest games. Front view, left to right: They have good volume; I could watch a DVD without straining. Although I had seen 17″ dl80 in stores, holding one in my hands store models are always bolted down was quite different and I did not want to take such a large system around with me.


Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.

Compal HEL80 Review (pics, specs)

Specifications of the EL80 barebone laptop: The power adaptor uses a strange 3-pronged plug. One thing they have left out is a reset button. This is removable, but it’s not a standard MXM card. There’s a shallow cutout in the lid of the laptop. This assumes you have loaded all other drivers, and the OS is working and happy.

They are spaced out and evenly distributed. As is fairly standard, Media and Quick Launch buttons are located around the keyboard.

The other issue with Vista that I found was that it doesn’t automatically detect the GPU as a GF Go ; you have to force it to install the driver but after that it’s fine. The only warm spots on the Wwireless are the touchpad and the area to the left of it.

Can you upload it again? Battery The battery life of the HEL80 is one of its many strengths.

Unfortunately, the system crashed regularly and technical support could wjreless figure out the problem. Alternatively, you can just use double-sided tape to hold the keyboard down. It’ll be something like this Now it’s very firm. Copy the file “EBlib. The viewing and color is good from even very awkward angles view large image.


The touchpad is nice. Do you already have an account? The lid is equally well enforced, with much of this due to the fact that it is covered in aluminum Although it has a small amount of flex, no ripples appear on the screen unless extreme pressure is used. My suggestion is to figure out how the module’s supposed to fit in the slot first, organise the cable to make space for it, then connect the cable and try to squeeze the module in.

Log in or Sign up. Click the “Have Disk” button. WXGA x screen with glossy coating Compal don’t have wirrless fancy name for that.