What you think about aldila nv 65 s shaft on this head? Words cannot do justice to the feeling I got on using it off the tee for the first time yesterday. Regarding the question about whether this driver might be suitable for a higher handicapper: Do I need to include a headcover? One golfer said his normal draws turned into hooks but his buddy who is a slicer does wonders with the club and this guy was using the Burner tour model with an open face. After trying several shafts, I settled on a Fujikura Speeder.

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I think I want The numbers add up. Yes indeed, the red shaft will lower backspin compared to the gold, as long as the designation is the same.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review

Shafts have a lot to do with spin. For most recreational players, that is enough. Once received our team will carefully appraise them using iGolf Value Gu Our golf club condition guide is as follows:. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. With the possible combination of two heads, two shafts, and three or four different flexes for each shaft, I highly reccomend getting an analysis to find which driver matches your swing speed and entry angle.


Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

As long as I make a nice slow backswing, the club will perform. The face has enough vertical roll to it that you really affect the loft by hitting it higher or lower on the face. The golf magazine reviews of the Hibore XL in comparison to other drivers always puts it in the middle of the group they really have nothing to great to say about this club.

Jared M is right on. The Canadian was a bit younger and fit.

Hi Bore XLS This club is a cannon. Straight down to the range together with my other driver FT3 9. I went with it on the recommendation of my club fitter, who said he thought I should get the Aldila because I have trouble getting the ball in the air with a 3 wood.

It is more flexible than the Speeder in stiff and I like the pop it gives the ball and the driving ball flight as well. I recently shot a personal best 37 2 over due primarily to the drives. Try one is all I can say, especially if you tend to get a lot of spin on your drives causing them to balloon and robbing you of distance.

Cleveland HiBore XL 9. Just eliminates one more variable as to hitting the driver the same every time. The headcovers are quite nice and the E-Z Grab feature allows you to pull off the headcovers with ease.


The XL Pro had gone 24 yards farther than my other driver. If you still have the grafalloy shaft and liked it, try putting it in the new XL.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

No more 3 iron tee shots for me. At first I hated it, or thought I did. I am a 10 handicap golfer who tends to hit everything high. My very first swing with the Tour version resulted in a pure strike dead straight at my target.

I have an extensive collection of drivers and this went to the top of the list immediately.

Cleveland HiBore XL Drivers

Is their much difference in hitting the It lands like an iron shot, vertical and stopping. Launch angle was around 14 degrees.

Does the condition of my used golf clubs affect the value?