I draw the ball naturally, get a lot of distance, and I have a considerably quick club head speed, however too much loft. The HiBore XL will be available in five lofts: My first round with it yielded booming drives and a P. The time now is Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. I have a very fluid swing and have been told I have the potential to become a very low handicaper. There is no ‘black’ finish on the club.

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King of Prussia, PA Confprming Does it really matter if you are taking advantage of your friends when it comes to playin’ for skins?

Visions of Daly and all that.

Cleveland Introduces Two New HiBore XL Drivers

I just picked one up that is a 9. Fortunately, I eventually noticed that the grooves in the center of the clubface are grey, not white, and I began using the gap as my alignment aid see above image.

Entire Letter From Cleveland Golf — note this has now been removed. Thank you very much for your advices and your quick answers greeting Bye. conforminng

Those changes are the result of a considerable re-design. Really bummed cause I was killing this club. Good luck with that new Hi-Bore.


Notify me of new posts by email. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. By jimbach in forum Golf Discussion Replies: Still, Cleveland insists that they have achieved an incredibly low CG and cnoforming other drivers indeed fail to align the projected CG with the high-CoR spot. Are they still offering it?

Posted 03 August – Were they just swapping at the stores with no questions asked? With the stock shaft, these were the shots I hit. Posts 2, Rep Power 15 The difference between a. I purchased a Cleveland Hi-Bore not too long ago and took it out to a local range. The HiBore is actually one of the most attractive drivers on the market.

One of the better written and detailed article. Brand New, Factory Sealed Brand: These changes, Cleveland says, marries the location of the CG with the center hlbore the clubface, resulting in a super-long, super-forgiving clubhead.

We had to re-hit and play with the shafts a little bit, so I would recommend this kind of Cleveland event, or using a good club fitter to test out the various shafts to see which one is better for you.

I just read somewhere that the Cleveland Tech Van has been discontinued as of a day or two ago. Just plain long and straight now.


Hot Illegal Non-Conforming Cleveland Hi-Bore XL Driver | #

I carry it yds and hope the new one will enable me to continue to keep-up my need to feel like the big hitter I used to be. The crown has been painted in a black matte finish that, while not exactly non-glare, definitely creates less glare than the glossy polishes of most other driver crowns. I am just a golf nut that who is still trying to figure out the game of golf.

I draw the ball naturally, get a lot of distance, and I have a considerably quick club head speed, however too much loft. You owe it to your game. Did you try the non tour XL? The 1st drive I hit was jst fantastic, Im 14 and about a 21 handicap,who finds it difficult to drive the ball.

Posted 28 December – Anyone ever come across a Hibore XL that resembles anything like this?