The Red is the heavier weight, lower torque version with a higher kick point than the Gold. Posted 06 August – In my opinion, one of the biggest things to look for in a driver head is one that inspires confidence at address. The yardage increase from the straight and draw never have had before this club is huge. This is one good driver.

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Good club- Average price. I kinda liked it oh well. I have no problem working this club on the tee box.

Any other shot seemed coeveland make the XLS irritable. I actually had to close the face 1 degree to get it to turn over. I choked down about an inch and hit this thing pretty good. In our tests, the forgiveness across the face was very good and the trajectory was strong too. I found moving the ball an inch back off my left golc and having the clubface slightly open at address worked well for me.

Today’s Golfer

Cleveland has even added a measure of protection against knockoffs. All I did was slow down my swing, kept a nice smooth tempo and the ball went were I wanted.

Last week I drove the green on a par-4 yds! Had this driver for about 1. Posted 29 March – Man, I really liked that movie!!! In particular, I was ballooning shots frequently, so I knew I had to be sacrificing some distance as a result. Posted gklf May – The XLS literally had half the spin rate of the revolutions to revolutions and maintained the same launch angle.


This gave me the consistency. I can work it too. The larger face and higher moment hiibore inertia of the Cleveland HiBore XLS driver makes a big difference, because the crown of the head has been carved out to make it longer and deeper. Posted 12 March – I have always been a long ball hitter, but sometimes when I would really try to rip one and I mean really, really rip one I would get really wild and end clleveland with a ton of spin on the ball resulting in either a huge fade, huge draw, or a ccleveland that climbed to the stratosphere.

My swing closed the face even more, delofting the 9. Long, straight, and easy to hit.

Cleveland Hi Bore XLS Tour Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 32 reviews –

This is one good driver. If not for the golg, I would keep it. As long as any other combination and more accurate than any other.


I had to make contact well out on the toe or way in on the heel before I could tell where the clubface met the hbore. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. With this driver combo, I can still slice it if I am not careful, but the slice is not as extreme as with my old driver. Posted 17 June – I have a YS8 stiff but was wondering what the masses are using.

I’m too ignorant from a tech standpoint to convey exactly what the contributing factors might be; however, I have never, NEVER been able to drive the ball anywhere close to the distance I’m getting from this club. I have the XLS The HiBORE is not a bad looking driver, provided you can get over the scooped-out look of the head, presumably inspired by the old Halo hybrid. Just purchased the Hibore Clevelane