Loudspeaker The maximally possible total volume of the speakers, which are attached at the front edge of the notebook, is somewhat low. It seems somewhat wobbly and clearly is too small for longer work. Negative aspect of this solution: At the end of the way the tapping is well cushioned. In the horizontal range light changes of the colour of the image arise only during extremely flat viewing angles.

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The pleasure is somewhat deteriorated by a not optimal interface arrangement, the rather bad contrast of the display as well as a constantly running fan, which is disturbing particularly in calm environments. Only a narrow key is offered right above the keyboard as an additional key.

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The following points speak clearly for this mobility: In addition, there is an optical cable mouse in the delivery package of the type “Logitech Notebook optical plus”.

All surfaces feel absolutely high-quality. The surface of the pad is provided with a point pattern, which becomes noticeable during the use of the touchpad.


One gram heavy mAh battery and a twice as large gram heavy mAh lithium-ion battery. Do you have laptop spare parts or electronic components which will be of interest to Customers of PcHub.

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Concerning the sound the implemented boxes are ok, yet an absence of basses is to be marked. The test of the maximum runtime BE Readers test was accomplished with the 2nd lowest brightness level, since with the lowest level hardly any contents are recognizable, and working seems impossible.

Fast and efficient service. That is a good reason, why one should aucio attention xto its notebook particularly in the case of transport.

ASUS U5F / U5 Series | Small Laptops and Notebooks

The tapping feeling is characterised by a very early and clear pressure point. The matt display is characterised by good stability of viewing angles in the average working area.

Please enter the code shown. Knowing your laptop is working again is our greatest happiness. Countries Shipped We have shipped to over Countries worldwide since Small weight, durable and compact casea u5g and mirror-free displaywhich can be used outdoor to some extent and an equipment with two differently largereplaceable batteries.


Furthermore, the mouse is very light-weight and has not the best sliding qualities on firm bases. The x pixel resolving XGA displaywhich is simewhat atypical for subnotebooks, seems to be sufficiently bright. Within the middle range there is a dead zone.

ASUS U5F / U5 Series

I Can Supply This. The key layout is inconspicuoussince all keys are found at the common positions and can be hit securely and well. Know more about this protection.

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The Asus U5F is supplied with two battery packs of different size. Negative aspect of this solution: Well packaged, delivered ahead of initial delivery date. It allows to chose one of some preset performance configurations office, presentation, high performance A possible crunching could not be determined during use of force.

Furthermore, the automatic tightening mechanism closes with relatively small strength.