Motherboard and backplate only. After that at startup Windows freeze and restart automatically. Now i tried installing my memory in to one slot at a time and still same problem. Hope you can do likewise. Should work with AM2 Athlon’s too. This time my PC stuck and nothing works You referred to my last sentence above, and so am I.

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Asrock N68-S Socket AM3/AM2+ Phenom II DDR2 GeForce 7025

And yes I have the receipt from the vendor that he bought the motherboard from. Would motherbaord like to tell us about a lower price? There are many times when there are no are solutions to the issues one is facing with a product but the fact the Asrock support doesn’t even try to help the people here is simply outrageous.

Red dots appearing on screen – [H]ard Forum http: So what can cause this error and what should i do? If it happens again report the problem with your system configuration detail as much as possible. BUT i use a ocz ssd gb vertex2 worked like a charm on the old board on motherbozrd slot no problems. Today I ran into a post by parsec on this thread where he observed that ASRock Tech Support doesn’t even exist in any meaningful way! They also came out with a better Z board with better graphic card support right after I bought mine.


Any help would be gratefull as I am not very clued up PC wise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a wellcome to the forum threadnot even started by asrock tech help people. But I can be wrong.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. This motherboard is fully working and is in great condition. If there is a support number or e-mail that will return my e-mails I would love to have it, because so far I have recieved no response from ASRock. Another weird thing P1. Also found that the screen lost sync repeatedly and PC locked up. A new sticky could be added, to instruct people how to get help in this forum, as you described in your post.

Does you board’s download page have this utility? As it turned out I had to RMA the board because a Windows install kept on going into an endless loop.

Sean if you are still with Asrock you are kind of useless don’t you think.

Here’s a list of what I have done so far to resolve the issue: I have an asrock and have completely ballsed it. If anything I can help, you can give a message to me as well. Is it wrong to tell people that they are waiting for a response in this thread from Auudio that will never come?


Was using Virtu mvp2 with no problem. It gets a A2 error on startup. I tried to re-flash bios to ver 1. Hi I wonder if anybody could help me re an issue on my asrock ion ht running win7 64 bit I have an unknown device appearing in device manager. You could go with the high priced spread such as a D-Link or you can just shop the specs.

One person motherbboard this helpful.

PC Direct | Asrock NS Socket AM3/AM2+ Phenom II DDR2 GeForce

New board fixed that. Why does it have this influence to the multiplier, and i can’t boot over th multiplier? Yes, after canceling SLI, running the application. All in all though, a good all-round upgrade-motherboard for the price, just a bit frustrating getting it configured properly if you are a bit out of practice like me.

Hello, i have a problem with my pc.