Prague branch Last piece. The Ethernet’s ease of use, cost effectiveness, high bandwidth, stability, security, and high degree of compatibility make it a natural solution for accessing the Internet. PCIe is an interconnection system based on the PCI standard connecting a microprocessor to attached devices for high-speed operation. Please visit our website at http: Pilsen branch Temporarily out of stock. Many new Rigol instruments are introduced in June! Another, more flexible way is to use an external USB-to-LAN dongle to connect the mobile devices to the network if the microcontroller within the devices has a built-in USB host interface.

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You can find all informa UCAB is designed, manufactured and production tested in Europe. About us About shop GM electronic, spol. Warehouse in stock 6 pc’s. UCAB consists of a 1 meter translucent cable with and A-type USB connector on one side and the blue enclosure on the opposite side which contains converter electronics and 9-pin D-Sub male connector with all RS signals.

Simple line converter RS to RS Shopping bag is empty. For chip-to-chip or sr232 connections, these controllers provide cost effective, standards compliant, and high-performance embedded system applications, such as remote access servers, storage network management, data acquisition systems, point-of-sale POS terminals, handheld devices, set-top box, digital TVs, industrial control and building automation equipment.

Another, more flexible way is to use an external USB-to-LAN dongle to connect the mobile devices to the network if saix microcontroller within the devices has a built-in USB host interface. By providing bridging solutions, ASIX can incorporate support for legacy devices such as Serial and Parallel as well as advancing the next generation of USB technologies.


In addition to SOHO and corporate networks, the Ethernet is gradually making its way into consumer and household devices as a primary way to access the Internet, thus providing both the stability and reliability demanded by industrial users and the bandwidth and multimedia connectivity demanded by home consumers. There is a growing need to add network connectivity into every asox system. This solution provides the easiest way to connect the embedded system to the network for the reason that majority of the micro-controller all support Non-PCI local bus interface.

Bratislava branch in stock 2 pc’s. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. ASIX Electronics has established a good track record by providing the following products, which are the world’s first:.

ASIX Electronics is a leading fabless semiconductor supplier with a focus on networking, communication, and connectivity applications. The MCS98xx supports 3. Mechanically is designed as a cable length of 1 m, with one side USB type A connector that plugs into the USB port on the computer and on the other cap, which contains the electronics and from which it is taken out 9-pin Sub-D with us known as “Cannon”.

Chroma – World leading supplier of precision Test and Measurement now avail Prague branch Last asox. This solution targets microcontrollers that already have a USB host interface embedded.


This solution is those micro-controllers, which already integrate both Ethernet and Wi-Fi Connectivities, the so-called single chip SoC solution. Please visit our website at http: Best viewed at x with IE 8.

Low power USB Suspend mode is available.

UCAB converter USB – RS (ASIX) – RLX COMPONENTS s.r.o. Electronic Components Distributor

UCAB Converter is designed for all standard equipment with RS interface eg, mouse, modem, data terminals, SmartCard reader, serial printers, industrial applications, It could also provide highly programmable uzb and compatibility. Watch the price change.

Many “no-name” products available for significantly lower prices in all computer shops all over the world suffer by non-stable behavior due to questionnable quality of chips, drivers and manufacturing. Because the USB 2.

UCAB232 converter USB – RS232 (ASIX)

PCI is an interconnection system between a microprocessor and attached devices. Watch the availability change. Engineers are able to design very-low-cost, and yet high-performance embedded systems, which offer remote access capabilities in addition to Internet connectivity.

Warehouse in stock 6 pc’s Prague branch Last piece Brno branch in stock 3 pc’s Ostrava branch Last piece Pilsen branch Temporarily out of stock Hradec Kralove branch Temporarily out of stock Bratislava branch in stock 2 pc’s. Ostrava branch Last piece.