FingerprintAuthentication last edited Also, it seems easier than bioapi. I contacted them too, after I read this page and because I will buy a Lenovo N soon. USB auto-suspend is enabled by default. They work with the bioapi 1. But, this bug is simple to correct!

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Because of the low speed rpm hard disk provided by HP p, proper virtual memory tweaks can give a real performance boost. To reflect the boot parameters modifications explained previously, you need to set them as the default battery mode parameters.

Debian – man page for aes (debian section 1)

The head parking mecanism helps to protect your hard disk in case of shock. Your fingerprint authentification will then replace your password for login or su. It is the primary way to enable the Laptop Mode feature of the Linux kernel, which allows your laptop hard drive to spin down. They work with the bioapi 1.

For 2 Gb RAM you can adjust these values to your specific configurationI tweaked these parameters to vm. As your sensor has been tested and is fully working, you can now install the daemon that will be aea2501 charge of the fingerprint authentification process.


How to use AuthenTec, Inc. AES Fingerprint Sensor in bash script

It is known, that finger print readers can be easily tricked, with faked finger prints, that were taken from surfaces. If you go on battery and check it every minute, you ae2501 see it increasing quite fast Since the finger print is normally “stored” all over the keyboard.

With Linux, you can tune how much RAM based cache to use for dirty pages and how frequently to flush that cached data back to disk. You can easily check your head parking counter with smartctl tool.

Even under a terminal console, in case of sudoyou will be prompted the same way:. This article will explain how to configure Ubuntu Precise Another important parameter is the spindown timeoutwhich is as low as 2 seconds with Ubuntu standard setting.

In addition, it allows you to tweak a number of other power-related settings using a simple linnux file. File block are then being freed first.

Biometrical Authentication in Debian

You can also tune the behavior of memory swap. With this encryption protocol, connexion may be impossible, the adapter not being able to obtain an IP address. So you have to make sure that your APM tuning is not resulting in a too fast head parking cycle. Summary Users should be able to use Fingerprint readers for authenticating themselves, using the BioAPI framework, for example for login or sudo.


Passwords are stored in your head – your finger print is stored on every surface you touched Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

You need to blacklist them from being set to sleep mode. That means that in case of trouble with your fingerprint recognition, you can always use your password. It can allow you:. It has to be disabled to solve the issue.

A brand new hard disk is able to handle between and head parking cycles before failure. After short tests, I decided to set vm. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Laptop mode tools allow you to tweak APM parameters explained earlier when switching to battery mode.

As the enrollment process has been lunux for your account, your authentification process is now done using:. This double method process is true at anytime. Full support of Linux will be addressed in a future release.

This problem comes from the