Nice arcs, sounds good too. D you will scream: You could use regular transformer ratio calculations to estimate the output voltage, but this does not account for resonant rise or resistances. You need audio source that is powerful enough to drive the pin 5 of the timer, maybe you just need to turn up the volume for the output of the radio, using the line output will properly not be enough! What you can do is provide some isolation between the pins with pieces of plastic and super glue. January 7, at Also my power source is v ma.

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The main thing I flybacl is a buzzing arc, however, it lengthens up to cm. Or perhaps running the driver off of a 9V battery and give the flyback a separate power supply so as not to damage the chip. I just moved on to bigger projects before I got to do it. I don’t have any places near by to buy parts so I had to scrap what I could! The timer and any voltage regulator will get fried very quickly however.

I momentarily plugged the main supply to mains without flygack lamp, 2 sec plugged in and nothing happened.

Based Flyback/Ignition Coil Driver – High Voltage Stuff – Community

The arc is very very hot and I had to extend the copper wires where it is drawn fluback to avoid flybac, heat being transferred far enough to start melting the flyback transformers casing. Its minimum but still guaranteed beta is only Arclength is dependant on finding a frequency that works for your flyback transformer, and then adjust the duty cycle for a higher output current to draw a longer spark. Maybe you should have corrected your schematic before posting it.


In my oppponion its better to have a shorter silent arc than a long buzzing one. This site uses cookies.

2n flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

January 21, at I hooked a speaker to the output of pin 3 and ground and could hear sound clearly. Thanks, I meant I have the diode in place and know it is to protect the transistor but what is the small capacitor for? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in 2n355 you register.

Or else as it switches on, the first cycle due to inductive property of primary will tend to have no work and in turn charge the Gate of MOSFET which will donate excess electrons while the positive is at the source.

Then I tried to connect it to a 16v 1A 2n305 supply and the power supply somehow managed to short internally lots of smoke and it heated up. Basically just check that everything is wired correctly, if it is, check that all the parts are functioning.

Flyback Transformer Drivers

If your transistor gets zapped, a snubber circuit may be needed. December 30, at Am I supposed to hear the audio? I hope driving the flyback this way will also translate into music on the output of my tesla coil.


I did nothing special to keep my PSU running, not even a load on the 5V line. May 8, at So i recommend to make sure the spark jump before apply power. Years ago I used the lamp dimmer method to fire an ignition coil, however, fltback you read down they get into your circuit and a 55 that the may not be able to really adequately drive the 2N What program do you use to make your schematics?

I did a quick current draw test and found that I was drawing around A from a 12V source using my wound primary coil but when using the internal winding with a resistance of 1 OHM it was drawing 2j3055 2. November 10, at Hey Shelby A ignition coil would work, not from personal experience, but from what I have heard. TV flybacks are generally designed for upper audio frequencies, which is the cause of the high pitched noise heard from a muted TV.

I did the project, and the spark was hiting. I think that my 2n may be dead.

I am confused to find the reference.