That says alot for this new offering from Nike. Came out knowing the Nike Machspeed was the better club. The previous version of the MachSpeed was only available in the square version in the US. Automated Golf Social Article 1. The distance increase with the SQ MachSpeed driver was remarkable for me.

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Adam L Macbspeed 15, – 7: Hopefully Niie can get this driver in the next few months! For years we have looked at the bottom of the iron to pick the club, now I found myself bending down next to my cart to be at eye level of the bag to see what iron I was choosing or pulling out clubs to guess which one was right.

Slightly lower ball fight with tighter dispersion than the UST.

Nike Golf Vr-S Forged vs. Nike Golf Japan SQ Machspeed Forged

If your goal is moving the ball with fades and draws, this set will not be the ideal set to look for, Nike has sets such as the Nike VR Split Cavity that maachspeed reviewed last year that are better suited for that game. Have you played any of them?

Any advice on which set I should purchase. Admin June 12, – 6: Very strong offering that I hope to have soon. They are very forgiving and already having the rescue there was no issue with the square head, I actually quite like it, I’m definitley longer with these compared to my old woods and on tight courses the 3 wood definitley has the distance you need.


Hitting the ball off the toe was showing the same straight ball flight and the kicker was that virtually no distance was lost.

Im getting ready to pull the trigger on one of these two iron sets. I loved how the mizunos feel, but mchspeed had a chance to swing a machspeed yet.

In fact Golfer Gal could not get over how much higher her ball flight was. While the men did not test the hybrids, the ladies had them as part of their set. Comments I was wondering if you knew if Nike was going to be coming out with a Machspeed Black 3 wood.

Straight out of the box, macuspeed is one very cool looking driver.

Wow, I am thoroughly surprised that a lower handicap player such as you liked these so much. It’s designed with a square head for a reason!

Is that a special order set.

What we mean by more is that they offer an easy transition for golfers. Once again, forgiveness was the star, as the female golfers were talking more about the shots they missed than the shots they hit dead center. Automated Golf Automated Article 1. It almost came down to a coin flip. Whether it was the high MOI or the advanced aerodynamics helping to keep the clubhead straight through the hitting zone, the majority of my shots with this driver went virtually straight.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They are introducing the new SQ MachSpeed Black driver which will be available in both round and square models, and Nike Golf gave us a sneak peek at this very cool new driver in this video on their YouTube channel.

I brought a launch monitor with me so I could measure distance in comparison to the original MachSpeed. I was not a fan of the looks or clunkiness until I got to hit these recently. The face has the grooves outlined in white and it is nie that we grew to really like, not sure why really, but all of us really liked it.


Most players looking at this kind of iron will be able to pick it up and seamlessly transition to them. Belfair Bluffton, South Carolina. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. I still kept the ball in play and even found the fairway often. Played the Sling Shots and really liked the look of them and these have a similar look to them.